Hey I'm Steve

"I am a Back End Developer who is based in Nairobi. I work as a Back End Web
Developer helping Organisations and also Businesses to build their API
using Django, Flask all backed with REST FRAMEWORK Database Design
implimentation and maintainance, MongoDB ,Postgresql ,JavaScript ,
Mysql and with Intermediate skills in HTML5 , Reactjs , CCS3 etc"

"I'm Also Quite skilled in Data Analysis , Machine Learning, Deep Learning and
Computer Vision to create data driven solutions that can be used
to increase productivity,accuracy , effeciency and also
minimize cost for a Business."

I am proficient in Python Django Flask JavaScript Java Database MAchine Learning Deep Learning Reactjs Rest Services MongoDB

About Steve....

Back End Software Engineer Skilled in solving simple to complex problems faced in an Organisations regarding their business process , Data analysist skilled in get hidden information from data provided and also create models for future use. I'm Skilled in Python , Machine Leaning, NLP , Deep Learning , Flask , Django , React , JavaScript , Java etc.

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Get your Work with High Professionality...

Back End Design And Development

Get all your website backend developed with secure endpoints that are well documented for easy consumption by Front End engineers.

Responsive Web Design and Development

Designing Better User Experience Interfaces that are responsive and Easy To use . Designs can also be coded into good websites

Business Analysis and Modelling

Using Tools such as Python and PowerBi , Data provided can be turned into insightfull information to be used for various policy making processes. Also Using Machine and Deep Learning Models can be created and used for cost optimization.

Web Admin Support

Websites Running on cloud platforms needs regular support for updates and maintainances. I can manage your websites from where it is Hosted to make sure it serves consumers without problems

USSD Development

For Proper , more efficient ussd to run on mobile phones using PHP and Java

Computer Vision And NLP

For Computer vision ,I analyse images , get informations from it. Using NLP I can create chatbot for automating customer support in your Organisations . I can also build recommentation systems based on data provided.


Tools I frequently use for development


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